Fitness Monitor - Keep your pet in shape
Health Monitor - Get cues on their health risks
Next Gen App - All you need to know in one place.
Distance Tracker - Measure the steps walked and distance covered by your Fido.

How It Works


Frequently Asked Questions

Indeed Furbit is recommended for pets of any size. It can be placed on your pet’s collar using the mounting bracket and velcro tape provided with the box.

Yes, Furbit is IP67 waterproof. However, keep it dry as much as possible and do not try to charge a wet Furbit Lite device.

Furbit Lite is the lighter version and it works off of Wi-Fi.

Furbit works with Verizon 4G cellular network and Wi-Fi.

Both Furbit and Furbit Lite measure your pet's step count and activities like run, walk, etc. based on which it calculates the total calories burnt. It also helps you set custom goals.

  1. Step Count - The device uses a 3D accelerometer to measure the accurate step counts of your pet.
  2. Activity - Depending on the intensity of movements such as walking and running, the device estimates your pet’s total activity period.
  3. Rest - The device estimates the Rest time based on your pet’s idleness.
  4. Calories Burnt - The device uses weight, duration, and intensity of your pet’s behavior to estimate daily calories burnt.
  5. Custom Goals - The app provides an option for you to set daily custom goals for your pet.

Currently, Yes. Apart from managing Furbit Lite and Pet Temperature monitors, the Nimble Pet App also allows pet parents to access a wide range of features such as Vet Care Centers, Pet Groomers, Pet Trainers, Pet Adoption Centers, and Pet Boarding Centers for Completely FREE.

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